Common Plumbing Problems

A recent plumbing survey showed that homeowners (depending on the age of their plumbing system) on average a plumber will be called out once every three years!

To some this may seem a lot but homes owners with a plumbing system over 10 years old might get a visit from a plumber every year and 30% of those were classed as emergencies. There are various reasons why you might have to call a plumber or even an emergency plumber, but many plumbing problems can be fixed by the homeowner.

Overflow dripping

There are numerous reasons why an overflow pipe will drip or giving a firm stream of water. Check float in not damaged or punctured, the float arm may need bending down. It could be a faulty ball valve or dirt or grit lodged in the ball valve. If the ball valve is faulty, it is possible that either the washer has worn or that the seating is damaged and needs replacing.

Noisy cistern

This often happens where old-fashioned ball valves have been fitted. Have a plumber replace them with the correct type of modern ball valve Note that silencer tubes are no longer allowed.

Living room warm, rest of house too cold

If the room thermostat is in the living room and there is additional heating in there (an open fire or gas fire, perhaps) the central heating is turning off too early If repositioning the thermostat in another room.

Old Leaking Galvanised cistern

Many old galvanised cisterns have been replaced with more modern versions. These older cisterns will have rusted adequately for the water to be leaking through and showing damp patches on the ceiling. The best thing to do is to replace the cistern completely. Installing a new water system can be difficult a job, and might be best left for the plumber. It takes time, and You can also be without a water supply if you decide to fit it yourself.

The Importance of the Stopcock

Your Stopcock controls your Water mains systems, they are turned on and off like a tap. It’s important you know where the stopcock is case you are unfortunate to have a burst pipe and need to shut it off. If you can’t shut the stopcock off or find it, you need to call an emergency plumber sharpish.


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