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At G-force Plumbing Woking, we carry out all types of emergency plumbing repairs. Our emergency plumbers are here, day and night, and even weekends. We at emergency plumber Woking and Horsell, our plumber will have your plumbing fixed quickly, and at the right price.

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Whatever emergency plumbing you encounter in Woking,

our plumber can deal with it. Whether it’s an none-emergency, pipe leak, tap leak, radiator bleed or leak to a complete new central heating installation. Call us today and find out about our special services.

When your faced with an emergency plumbing problem in Woking or Horsell, such as a boiler break down, blocked sink, rad leak, toilet won’t flush or burst pipe, our woking expert plumbers are here to help. The very last thing you want, is water flooding your home.

Our emergency Plumbers are based in Woking and work throughout Horsell, so wherever you are in Woking or Surrey, we are sure we can help.

Unblocking Sinks with The Plumbers Mate from Woking

How to avoid emergency repairs and floods. One of the first things a Woking plumber will try when unblocking a sink or bath, is the “Plumbers mate”, a plumbers mate is also known as a plunger. It has a big rubber red cup, with a wooden handle. These days, they come in all shapes, colours and sizes. The plumbers mate is used in emergencies and non-emergency situations. This tool is the most effective when attempting to unblock the sink. It is available and can be bought in Woking, at Wicks. The plumbers mate is used all over the world by amateurs and professional emergency plumbers. The tool is designed to generate maximum pressure, sucking and forcing out food blockages. The cup bellow of the plumbers mate should be placed firmly over the plug hole. With thrusting movements, an up-and-down motion, forcing the air and water down the plug hole, forcing out the offending blockage. For extra help, call our trusted emergency plumber in Woking today, we can help 7 days a week. You can buy the plumbers mate from Wicks, for less than a fiver, 102 Inkerman Rd, Knaphill, Woking GU21 2WB  

Reducing the risk of a Burst Pipes and Emergencies

How to avoid an emergency plumber. When freezing weather arrives in Woking, your plumbing and water pipes are at its greatest risk from freezing and bursting, if your pipes burst your home is at serious risk of flooding. The best action to take to prevent freezing pipes is trying to keep them warm, ideally above the freezing point. You should also protect your pipes with insulation, pipe insulation is cheap and can be purchased from you’re local DIY store in Horsell or Woking.

Leaving the Home Unoccupied an Emergencies

Leaving the Home Unoccupied an Emergencies 
unoccupied, can lead to emergency repairs. A plumber will always tell you, when leaving your home unoccupied for long periods of time, is to leave the heating on. Another good idea is to turn the stopcock off. Should a pipe burst whilst you are away, a stop-tap which is turned off, will minimise the flow of water minimising water damage. Always consult a qualified heating engineer or plumber to asses which heating system you have, and the best options for you. If it’s an emergency, we are here to help.

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    Dealing With a Burst Pipe in Woking

    The first thing you should do, is find the stop tap and turn it off. The next step is to call an emergency plumber from Woking. Stop-taps control the water into your home. Most stop-taps in Woking can be found in various places, in the cellar, in the bathroom or under the kitchen sink, but in older houses in Woking and Horsell, the stop-tap is likely to be found under the kitchen sink.

    When the stop tap has been found, you might find they can be stiff, due to the fact they are rarely used. gently close the stop-tap by turning clockwise. Check to see if the pipe has split, open all taps.

    Plumbers will usually thaw the pipe by using a hair dryer, or a hot water bottle. Never use a blow torch or naked flame, to thaw a pipe, this method could put you or your home in more danger, which might present a fire risk. Hopefully, by this time, your emergency plumber from Woking should have arrived, and we will be able to assist you further. Emergency plumber Horsell.

    Instantaneous Water Heating Woking and Horsell

    Instantaneous Water Heating
    The most common way of heating water for the home in Woking, is the combi boiler. Most plumbers are familiar with the gas systems. The gas systems, are the most versatile of all. At the top of the range is a ‘multipoint’ heater which, as its name implies, will supply hot water to various outlet points round the house over baths, basins and sinks, for example, and even showers. You can also get small single point heaters to fit over a sink or basin. call our emergency team, and talk to our Woking plumber.

    Dealing With a Blocked Sink or Bath in Woking

    Knowing you have a blocked sink, basin or bath is pretty obvious, a blocked sink or bath is not normally classed as an emergency, but if it is an emergency, a plumber from Woking may be needed. Dirty water usually backs up and refuses to drain away. This is usually a result of a blocked trap or drain. A build-up of greasy food particles inside of the trap can quickly block the waste pipe. Unblocking the trap is relatively easy to deal with. A blocked toilet or drains are a different ball game, and care should be taken when working with toilets and drains; it is essential you wear rubber gloves. If a toilet is clogged-up, the problem could be a blocked drain or soil pipe, but the majority of the time it’s a blocked soil pipe. For more help on unblocking your sink or bath, call us. our Woking emergency plumber. We are always ready to help in emergencies and none-emergencies.

    Avoiding Emergencies in the Loft & Cellar

    Much of our emergency plumbers in Woking and Horsell, are called outs due to burst pipes in the loft and cellar. The loft and space cellar is a predominantly vulnerable to freezing and frost damage to pipes, especially in older homes in Woking. Special attention should be given to these two areas where freezing pipes can occur. The rooms below the loft void will be a lot warmer. Heat is unable to escape from the rooms below to give heat to the loft area. The pipes in the loft area should be insulated to avoid freezing. Pipes in the cellars are also vulnerable to freezing plumbing pipes. The insulation will only help pipes from limited period, you don’t have to be an expert plumber in order to insulate pipes. By insulating your pipes, will save money on plumbers fees and could save money on emergency call-outs. The pipe insulation does not heat or keep the pipes warm, and will not prevent the pipe from freezing in exposed and freezing conditions. The loft space and cellar space should be given extra protection during freezing weather.

    General plumbing and emergencies in Woking

    Boiler breakdowns and leaking taps are one of the common repairs for our Horsell and Woking plumbers deal with. However our biggest demand are emergencies, our plumbers deal many emergency repairs every day in Woking and the surrounding areas. Most of these emergency call outs are carried out at night times or the weekends. If your looking for an emergency plumber in Woking, just pick up the phone, and chat to our friendly plumber. 

    Goldsworth Park, Horsell, Knaphill, St Johns, Maybury, Sheerwater, Old Woking, Pyrford, Kingfield, Westfield, Mayford, Brookwood, Guildford, Bisley and Barnsbury.

    My Radiators are not Warming up? The most common reason your radiators are not heating up is a build-up of sludge or rust inside the radiator, this build-up limits the circulations of water inside the radiator, resulting the radiator being warm at the top and cold at the bottom. For help, our plumber are able flush out your radiator call our expert plumber in Woking   

    Slow or blocked  Sinks Horsell and Knaphill
    When water drains slowly from sink tub and down the plughole, it should not come to any surprise that the sink is partially blocked. In most cases plumbers free the blockage with the trusty plunger. The rubber cup of the is designed form air inside the cup, and when the plunger is pushed down over the plug hole, it creates pressure forcing out the blockage. If you still can’t unblock the trap, it’s time to call your Woking emergency plumber.

    How can I Save Money on plumbing? A good way to prevent costly fuel bills and emergency plumbing repairs is a regular servicing plan. For example, maintaining your boiler  will minimise any repair bills and will run much smoothly and efficiently, and at the same time saving money on fuel bills.  The cost of frequently servicing your boiler can be considerably less than the cost of replacing or repairing it. Always have your boiler serviced by a registered plumber in Woking

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    Emergency Woking and Horsell Plumbers

    If you’re looking for a reliable emergency plumber in Woking to carry urgent plumbing repairs, you have come to the right place. We also cover Horsell and Knaphill with all types all types of urgent plumbing repairs and including emergencies. With many years of experience with in the plumbing and heating industries you can count on our emergency plumbers. Broken or dripping taps can be annoying, not only are the annoying they can also cost you money with higher water bills. Burst pipes are usually classed as an emergency, burst pipes can cause untold damage to your home. Other common emergency plumbing problems our plumbers deal with in Woking and Bookwood, are over flowing storage tanks and blocked toilets. The majority of our emergencies are carried out at week-ends and late evenings. If you have an urgent plumbing problem, we are here to help. We don’t just cover Woking, we also cover Knaphill and Horsell and neighbouring areas such as Maybury and Sheerwater. So, when you have an urgent plumbing propblem, just give us a call for a prompt emergency plumber in Woking.

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    The Clapped-out Plumbing System.

    You’ll know if you have an old clapped out plumbing system, It will clatter and grunt its way through the night. It will be  plagued by endless problems. Leaking pipes, the toilet that doesn’t flush properly and even the occasional leak that will keep you on your toes. It may be more than a source of frustration. It may also be bad for your health. There is growing evidence of the harmfulness of lead in drinking water, and many old clapped out plumbing systems still contain hefty amounts of lead piping, furthermore, inadequately protected storage tanks in poor condition may permit contamination of stored water to occur. Drips and leaks will cost you money as hot water runs unnecessarily go to waste. Updating such a system need not cost a fortune and will drastically impact your quality of life.


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    And when the storms come, we will be ready. for a top class emergency plumbing in Woking, give us a call.

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    Blocked Toilet in Woking?

    Unblocking a Toilet

    This job can be easy if you have the right tools, or you could leave it to a specialist emergency plumber in Woking. If you do it yourself, the first thing you should do is, is find the blockage. The first port of call, is to lift up the drain cover and test it this a bucket of water. If the water flows away, this indicate the blockage is between the drain and the toilet. Conclusion? It’s likely the blockage is in the pan itself. Try pushing flexible wire down the toilet pan, or try using the plunger. If you still cant unblock the toilet, give us a call and we can send out a plumber.

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